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Adding our content to your website is easy.

We’ll provide the source files so you can embed the original content, or you can edit and rebrand directly. Content is delivered in the normal files that your web team will be able to use safely and securely such as Word docs, plain text, html, InDesign, Excel, PDF, and MP4 video files.

We have two interactive tool types that use html and Java Script which require more technical support, but again, very easy and secure to set up and self-host (or we can do this for you).

To deploy

It’s a simple two-step process:

Step 1. Create a place for the content to live

Have your IT/web development team set up an area inside your website to house the content. This could be a single landing page with a list of content for small businesses to access, similar to;

  • added start, grow and transition content to create a 5-step process.
  • have a resource center that contains all their small business content.
  • created a business planning landing page to house their small business tools.
  • developed a specific area to house all their small business content.
  • designed a business resource center that contains tools, calculators, guides and links to product and services.
  • built a small business hub including third party offers.
  • place all of their small business content (survey, templates, calculators, articles) in a landing page.
  • created a stand-alone Business Content Library.

Step 2. Amplify

Once you’ve created the content, add the content to your business content ecosystem. Read more about amplifying content.

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