Enews – July 2021

It’s often hard to compete with the budgets of the JP Morgan’s, Wells Fargo and Citi’s of the world, who can throw millions (billions) at new tech and marketing to gain customers. But, we’re finding a lot of banks are using their size to protect their existing small business customer base and position away from the behemoths.
Their tactics:

  • Using local trust to connect to their communities
  • Focused on their staff who’ve lived years locally (larger banks tend to have higher staff turnover)
  • Develop unique messaging that resonates with younger consumers
  • Adopting and partnering with tech solutions (rather than owning it)
  • Using content marketing to drive traffic
  • Upskilling their bankers to have advisory conversations, rather than product

Here are three banks we’ve helped with small business resource centers for bankers to use to connect with customers.
Sterling National Bank (, First Commonwealth Bank (, Iberia Bank (
To see their process, download our One Page Content Marketing Strategy (no need to register).
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