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Free content

Free small business resilience and recovery content

We feel the pain of small business owners everywhere that have been impacted by COVID. To help in a small way, we’ve collated 16 articles banks can use to help their small businesses recover and build resilience for the future.

If you’re a bank in North America, contact us and we will send you the docs direct.

Content includes:


  • Strategy 1 Emergency surgery
  • Strategy 2 Strengthen the foundations
  • Strategy 3 Increase profit
  • Strategy 4 Manage the cash crunch


  • Finding the right successor for your business
  • Letting go and delegating control
  • Sell your business to your employees
  • The seven most important things buyers want


  • Calculating the cost to start up
  • Choosing a business structure
  • Four strategies to strengthen your start-up after launch
  • Researching the viability of your new idea


  • Check your new business can scale
  • Improving your profit margin
  • SEO tips to improve your ranking
  • Six numbers to track growth