If you’re looking to support your small business customers facing a cash crisis, we have cash flow management and recovery content to help you, help them. We’ve hand-picked relevant articles, checklists and templates that your customers can use to help re-build their businesses.

Content is also ideal for bankers to download and use in their customer conversations, post in social media or send to customers at risk.

We can provide this content immediately.

There are four ways to access content depending on how you’d like to deploy in your digital channels.

1. Recovery Landing Page

We’ll build you a stand-alone Resource Center packed with content and tools, branded and customized to look like an extension of your website.

This is perfect if:

  • You want to act fast as your small business customers need help now
  • Your IT team is too busy to build an in-house solution

At any time, you can transition the content into your own website.

More information about building your own resource center.

2. Access to our Recovery Hub Pack

If you want to access content and add it to your own website, our ContentHub provides inexpensive access to hundreds of copyright-free pieces of content you can take, edit and re-brand as your own.

This is perfect if:

  • You already have a Business Resource Center
  • You need recovery content topics to fill out your current topics
  • You have internal edit resources and want to customize content yourself

Find out more details here.

3. Recovery Toolkit Packs

We’ve bundled together 3 packs of content, each with a number of recovery articles, templates and tools to help you get content fast to your small businesses who need help now.

All content will be localized and re-branded for your bank, creating unique content you can add to your website, give to your bankers and post in your social media channels within two weeks.

The packs start at just $9,500. Find out more.

4. Custom content

Choose or create topics that address the issues that concern your small business customers the most. We’ll then deliver a range of content and tools to solve the most pressing current problem. Contact us for a demo.