Financial Literacy for Small Businesses

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Research shows most small business owners have poor financial literacy.

I help banks educate their small business customers, and I’ve written this free guide that outlines the solutions. It’s part of my Small Business Banker Series.

Glen Senior
CEO and founder – The Small Business Company

What are the issues?

Too many business people have excessive debt, few savings and often don’t have good financial habits. It’s too easy to buy online and get access to credit. Our research has highlighted a lack of financial literacy in these areas:

  • Managing margin is the most critical financial measurement a small business owner needs to know.
  • Increasing how much customers buy to increase the average revenue per customer.
  • Steady, predictable revenue growth is the sign of a healthy company.
  • Measuring to see how productive the business is.
  • Controlling costs and pricing to maintain a healthy ratio.

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