Small business content for the mobile audience

By now, most banks understand the importance of having a mobile-friendly site for their small business customers. Creating mobile-friendly content is the next step.

Mobile content is an actual thing. So how do you create it?

Remember that reading content from a mobile device is totally different from reading it on a desktop. For instance, viewers will focus on the centre of a page more than engaging in a left-to-right pattern, and they’ll take more notice of images when viewing content on a smartphone.

When it comes to the actual copy, it’s important to minimize the number of big words and lengthy sentences. They’re simply tougher to read and digest on a mobile phone, so concise writing is essential. The idea is to is to present the user with as much on-screen information as possible without requiring the user to swipe or tap. The more succinctly you can express an idea, the better.

Headlines should be short and strong. If they’re too long they’ll get lost below the fold, or they require the viewer to swipe. The trick is condensing your titles to the essentials, while striking that critical balance between capturing their attention and encouraging them to read on.

If you’ve got content you’d like to see optimized for better mobile viewing, Talk to us about how we can help.