Why content marketing’s so important for banks

Why content marketing’s so important for banks

A bank’s customers whether they’re big, medium or small business, and personal customers as well, expect to be able to find help, information and guidance around their financial issues. This is particularly true of small business owners, who are seeking to educate themselves as cheaply yet as effectively as possible, so they can effectively grow their business.

That’s why it’s so important to have relevant, informative and educational content available for them through the small business section of your website. And for that content to prove useful and popular (thereby strengthening your relationship with your small business customers) it’s essential that you can show them you understand small business.

What do small business owners need from their bank, other than financial advice and as a lending solution? Ask yourself: what are the main challenges small business owners face? Among them will be:

  • Understanding, managing and improving their cash flow
  • How to increase sales and drive business growth
  • What to do when faced with a cash crisis
  • How to best run a seasonal business
  • Recruiting and managing staff

There’s a huge range of content that can be produced around these topics, and it’s content your small business owners will eat up. These kinds of free resources not only educate your small business customers, but they’re tools for building and maintaining good relationships – the kind that generate positive word-of-mouth advertising.

The best content in the world, however, isn’t going to do you or your small business customers any good if they can’t find it. That’s why it’s essential that you promote your content – old and new – using your social media channels. There are over 1 billion Facebook users out there, and there’s an excellent chance your small customers are some of them. Engaging with them via social media means you can promote your content and take part in conversations around small business banking.

Plus, if you’ve created really great content that your small business customers are loving, they’re going to help promote it as well by sharing it on social media with their followers.

Finally you need to measure and analyze your content. It’s easy to click “publish” and forget about it, but that’s where a lot of content marketers go wrong. Did the content perform well? Did the content perform as you expected? You need to measure how well your content performs and analyze its progress.

Here at TSBC, we’ve got a range of content around all kinds of small business topics. Contact us to find out how we can help you create a great resource for your small business customers.

Glen Senior
Glen Senior

CEO Glen Senior has been helping small businesses start and grow since 1989. Along the way, he has published 6 books on small business development and business planning, created training courses, built e-learning platforms, and developed Microsoft USA’s Small Business Plus program which was delivered into 9 countries. Since 2005 Glen has focused on the banking sector and has built up an extensive knowledge of how banks can engage with the small business segment. He has presented at a number of small business banking conferences and is sought out as an opinion leader in this space.