Business resource centers

Business resource centers

Business resource centers

A Small Business Resource Center holds all your small business content in one place.

You choose which content topics you feel are best for your customers (we can help recommend depending on who you are targeting) and then together we decide on the best type of content (articles, templates, blogs, video, infographics, checklists, calculators and tools).

Content can either be purchased from our Business Content Library, or selected Custom Content.

There are two ways to deploy a resource center.

1. Embed inside your website

Your IT/web development team sets up an area inside your website to house the content. This is ideal when:

  • You want to keep content inside your bank site for SEO
  • Your web team has the resource to build new content pages


2. Set up a microsite

In this case we (or your agency) creates a microsite separate from your website, though branded to be similar. This is ideal when:

  • Your internal web team are too busy to create a resource center for you
  • You want content to stand alone


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